Jill Strehl
1 min readApr 24, 2022


Many people on-line are expressing great displeasure about FB “knowing everything” about us.

They bleat their frustration and outrage, and rightfully so.

They threaten to leave, boycott, not leave a tip.


This horse left that particular barn SO long ago.

By the time we are aware of how entrenched IT is — WE are entrenched as well. I’ve thought a LOT about this. I have had the vagus-nerve-twitchies over it — this worry and concern — this FEAR that they KNOW everything. Maybe it’s my upbringing, and maybe it’s a stab at intrinsic bad-ass “Bring-it-ism”.

But, beloveds (to quote my home girl Molly Ivins — “Ya gotta dance with them what brung ya.” And that used to be true, yes indeedy.

However — at some tipping point, We The People — in our infinite public school playground wisdom — are going to do the Pissed-Off People Stomp. No more dancing. No more promenade right. No more do-si-do.

Watch us, track us, passive-aggressively “surveil” us.

Hall monitors: y’all can kiss my East Texas ass.

It don’t make me no nevermind.

There will always be more of us than you. -J



Jill Strehl

"We turn on each other for what we are not. I fear that more than the empty room." -J