Jill Strehl
2 min readJun 8, 2021

I read about “Lockstep”. It made my brain hurt. So much resonated — it’s like you KNOW this shit is real, who’d bother to make it up, and to what end? It is an elegant solution to an obvious dilemma — how to bring 300 million diverse people in America to heel with the agenda of The State? How to control a populace not happy to embrace surveillance, being identified, possibly detained, categorized, against their will?

There are ways to approach this: Make it be “in our best interests”, i.e., “for our safety and security and that of their ‘loved ones’ (that’’s always a deal closer) — then make it be something we want, because “everybody else has it (think “smart phones”); having us lining up to get ours — whether it’s a microchip embedded between the thumb and forefinger for easy access of health records….or receiving a vaccine against a new virus, said vaccine obtained only by a certain cost, or by luck of the draw in a lottery, but with the caveat that your DNA will be changed but you will be happier, not upset or anxious or fearful or panicked, even as they own more of your consumer soul….

It’s always easier to give the populace the illusion of choice — not the bum’s rush. Make it cost nothing, make it attractive. If that doesn’t work with a certain demographic, make it impossible to attend school, hold a job, take mass transit, buy a train, bus, or plane ticket, get a passport; purchase food or medicine….or even leave your house.,..if they decide it is “safest” for you. The world of my baby grandsons will be a different world from what we ever, ever imagined in our wildest dreams.

It’s happening very fast, now. Exponentially. If you blink — the new facial/emo reader attached to you may ask you why.

Choose the appropriate response. -J


Jill Strehl

"We turn on each other for what we are not. I fear that more than the empty room." -J